There’s no doubt that COVID-19 has put on a damper on weddings in 2020. However, lots more couples are finding out that small weddings have a lot of advantages that a larger wedding can’t provide. Small weddings are now called “micro weddings” or “minimonies” and generally refer to weddings with 20 or fewer guests.

9 Reasons to Love Small Weddings

  1. More Venue Options – You have way more options when it comes to choosing a wedding venue for your ceremony and reception. There are a lot of beautiful places for people to get married here in Orlando, but couples quickly discover that their large guest list of 100 or more limits them because so many venues cannot accommodate that many people. This is not an issue at all with micro weddings because your entire wedding party will have lots of open space all to yourselves! And there’s no need to worry about the space seeming too empty either. Orlando Wedding Planner Ashley Johnson says there are lots of ways to make a large space smaller to create a more intimate setting. “You could set up pipe and drape to make a space smaller. You could also have larger lounge furniture to fill up more of the space. Having everything set up in the same area, instead of having tables spread out, would also be an idea,” Ashley says.
  2. Flexibility in Seating Arrangements – A small wedding guest list allows you to have family-style seating and maybe even have everyone seated at the same table. You could never do that with large weddings, but with under 20 guests, you can make your reception more intimate and personal. If you’re not getting married in a church or temple, Ashley also suggests having some fun with a smaller guest count by using non-traditional chairs or lounge furniture for your ceremony. You might even consider seating in the round for your ceremony which is good for social distancing and can give an unobstructed view if you happen to be live-streaming it. flexible seating for small wedding at The Capen HouseIdeas for micro wedding outdoor seating
  3. You Can Make Things More Personalized – Having a small wedding allows you the time to personalize things for your guests to make them feel special, like incorporating interactive ceremony elements or with their place settings. You could have floral napkin rings or more elaborate wedding favors. Personalized wedding party favors for micro wedding
  4. More Chances to Connect – Since micro weddings are so small, couples really have the chance to connect with everyone, and guests can talk to the couple without fighting for attention.
  5. You Can Have a Plated Dinner –  Buffets are usually recommended for large weddings, but with a smaller wedding, you can have single-serve options for drinks and appetizers and have a more personalized plated dinner where the wait staff brings the meals to each guest. While buffets often feel rushed and crowded, everyone can take their time and enjoy the great food and conversation safely. small wedding table decor at 1010 West wedding venue in OrlandoSmall wedding at 1010 West in Orlando
  6. Enhanced Menu Options – Wedding menus tend to be very generic for large crowds to ensure there is something everyone likes. With a micro wedding, you will have fewer people to please so you could serve something more tailored to what the group likes. This opens up a range of possibilities, according to Ashley. “If there’s a specific family dish the couple wanted to serve, they should know if all 20 guests liked that dish and could serve it to everyone, rather than just serving meat and potatoes to all 120 guests at a normal-sized wedding, because that’s what most people like. It’s a lot easier to choose food for a small group rather than a large group because there’s usually less diversity.”
  7. Creative Photos – With a small group, there will be lots more opportunities to have individualized group photos taken. Unlike more traditional weddings, your group photos won’t be rushed and you can get meaningful pictures made with close friends.
  8. Group Activities – It’s not hard to come up with great things to do in Orlando. If you’re the adventurous type, you could take a boat or helicopter ride or travel downtown and stroll around the city together in your wedding attire and then wander into a karaoke bar. If your wedding is outside, consider setting up some lawn games like giant Jenga, Connect Four, or Cornhole. Ashley also suggests that your whole group could also get ready together if your venue or hotel has space.
  9. More Money for Upgrades – Reallocate funds that you would have used for a large wedding and instead splurge on other things like more expensive flowers, a statement entrance at your reception place, upgrades in rental items, table decor, musical entertainment, and a more extravagant menu. A multi-course meal with wine-pairing or single-serve desserts would be an example. Serve craft coffee or specialty themed cocktails. You can afford to be as creative and elegant as you want.Dessert ideas for small wedding in OrlandoSingle serve desserts for micro wedding

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