I am an Orlando wedding photographer. Sure, there are a lot of wedding photographers here in Orlando, but all of us have our own unique style. I consider myself to be a documentary wedding photographer. I was a newspaper staff photographer for many years for The Miami Herald, The Sarasota Herald-Tribune, and The Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel. As a photojournalist, I photographed world leaders such as Pope John Paul and President Reagan, covered local news, shot on the sidelines of The Miami Dolphins and The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and photographed countless celebrities.

So what does being a former newspaper photographer have to do with wedding photography? You see, I am trained to be able to anticipate things before they happen. I can prepare to be technically ready with my camera fitted with the right lens and then will position myself to be in the right place at the right time to get “the shot” – the real and authentic moment that tells the story. My news editors expected it or I was out of a job. Plus, if you really must know, I didn’t have the luxury of color correcting or fixing wrongly exposed images in Photoshop because I was shooting film and transparencies. What that means for you as you decide on which wedding photographer to choose from, is that I use my 20 + years of photojournalism experience to be able to capture true emotions and spontaneous events as they occur during your wedding. I know how to get beautiful results in any lighting situation, at any venue, every time.

Now there are a lot of Orlando wedding photographers that offer candid wedding photography, so you might wonder, what’s the difference between “candid wedding photography” and “documentary wedding photography”?

Taking candid photographs usually means that people are not posed and the photographer just gets them off guard and is able to capture a spontaneous moment involving either laughter or perhaps tears of sadness.

Documentary photography means so much more! It means telling a story visually through photographs with a distinct beginning and an end. Your wedding day is one of the momentous events of your life and deserves to be told as a story with as many details and highlights so those images will be etched in your memory forever. This is my passion. I love to treat weddings as if it is going to be published in publications all over the world because I believe every wedding should be told in this way. I use my skill and techniques to capture real, tender, and honest depictions from every part of a wedding, not just the posed couple portraits and pretty table settings.

 This doesn’t mean that I won’t take posed portraits at you wedding. I will, but they will be be used as one part of telling your story. They will be blended in with lots more images of not just the two of you, but with your family and dearest friends. Everyone at your wedding will be part of the “news event,” making the entire collection of images a complete reporting of  this amazing day!

 Here are the top benefits for you when you hire me as your wedding photographer:

  • Minimal posing on your part (your jaw won’t hurt from too many fake smiles lol!)
  • I will not be shouting out directions at you or your guests.
  • You and everyone will be relaxed and much more natural, and free to be you!
  • Your family and friends will love the more authentic pictures instead of the posed ones.
  • Documentary photography captures many more aspects of your wedding.
  • True and real happenings are not a trend that will go out of style. A beautiful moment will always be a beautiful moment, forever.
  • In fact, the pictures that you will treasure the most will be the ones that you didn’t know I was taking.

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