I think
real is beautiful,
natural light is best,
& I always look for 
authentic moments.

I’ve always been drawn to pictures that tell a story. That’s why I worked as a newspaper and magazine photographer for over 20 years. Now I love being a documentary wedding photographer that gets to tell your story on your wedding day. Everyone has a story of how they met and fell in love and I’d love to hear yours. My story goes something like this. I sat next to a cute guy on an airplane about 30 years ago and we’ve been together ever since. We have two wonderful young adult sons and a teenaged daughter. 

There’s also going to be the unique story that occurs on your wedding day. There’s going to be moments, some planned and some not so planned that you will want to always remember about your wedding. As an example, on my wedding day a drawbridge got stuck that delayed our ceremony and prevented some guests from even making it to the ceremony at all. My husband John also forgot the rings back at the hotel and put a huge brass ring on my finger at the alter! Everything turned out wonderful eventually and it was a day I’ll always treasure and I’m so grateful that I have pictures that tell my wedding story.

I will be that photographer for you that is going to be ready to capture those real and authentic moments that tell the story of your day. I think real is beautiful and will always strive to use natural light. I know how to put people at ease so they can have real expressions and reactions. Blending in is what I do best, documenting it all, from the time you and your bridesmaids are getting ready, to your sendoff at the end. It is always my goal to create pictures that will allow you to re-live every precious scene from your wedding day as you look through your wedding album, time and time again.

These pictures are the beginning of your story together.