The Class of 2021 has definitely been through a very unprecedented and challenging year. I have photographed a lot of seniors in the past and I must say that the seniors from this pandemic have persevered and flourished in such a way that has left me amazed. Jackson is one of those seniors, finishing out his senior year at Circle Christian doing online dual enrollment classes with UCF where he intends to attend in the fall. So not only did he have all online zoom classes, but some were at the college level! I am so excited to introduce him to you by sharing his senior picture day photos.

He arrived at Dinky Dock Park ready to start his session with me relaxed and open to whatever I suggested. We started as I usually do at the dock and the first shots were ok, but not entirely special.

His Mom told me that Jackson loved to go kayaking, but didn’t have his own kayak to bring along. So when I spotted a row of colorful kayaks by the dock, I knew this was right where we needed to be. When I started posing him there among the kayaks, it was like night and day. I could totally see he was in his element. And honestly, that is all it takes, especially when photographing guys. Put them where they feel comfortable and they’re good to go. Check out what a world of a difference changing the background made.

High school senior poses for his senior picture day session
Session in Orlando for high school senior pictures
Guy smiles by kayaks for his high school senior pictures with Nadine Nasby Photography
high school senior picture idea for guys
close up for high school senior pictures in Orlando by Nadine Nasby Photography
Posing by kayaks in Winter Park for high school senior pictures with Nadine Nasby Photography
high school senior picture profile

Then we did some shots in his UCF t-shirt which he wore proudly.

high school senior soon to be UCF Knight
Jackson poses with his UCF t-shirt for his senior session

What I love about shooting on the Rollins Campus is that I find something different to work with each time. On this day, there were yellow Adirondack chairs on the lawn in a beautifully shaded spot that turned out looking great with UCF colors.

High school senior poses in UCF shirt on his senior picture day with Nadine Nasby Photography
Future UCF Knight poses for high school senior picture

The second thing I spotted was a green outdoor table with purple flowers that fell from the tree above and were scattered all over the top. Since Jackson’s graduation gown was royal blue, I thought why not do some pictures of him there.

Here’s this shot from that sequence.

Senior poses in graduation gown on top of table at Rollins College

Lastly, I had to grab some shots of Jackson practicing throwing up his cap.

Congratulations Jackson!! I have no doubt you’re onto doing great things!

Senior throws up his cap in the air
for his senior pictures session

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