When a client hires me as their professional photographer for family photos, it’s usually because they tell me it’s been years since they’ve hired one. If this sounds familiar, I’ve listed my top four reasons for having professional pictures taken using photos from my recent family session to make my case. I’m hopeful that after reading this post, you’ll realize that you shouldn’t wait any longer.

Top Reasons to Hire a Professional Photographer

1. Hello! You’ll be in the pictures

Let’s face it, if you’re a parent you’re usually the one that takes the photos of your kids either with your cell phone or with your camera. When I photographed Priya and her family, including their dog Sherlock, Priya had let me know that it had been years since they were all together for professional pictures. We started out with some posed portraits with Sherlock (check out his beautiful smile! I promise there was not any editing involved. LOL) but ended up with a few spontaneous ones too.

Family poses for professional photographer in Orlando

Family dog takes a break from session with professional photographer

#2 Real Family Emotions Will Be Forever Documented

I was so glad to catch these wonderful in-between moments of Priya and her daughters that she will always have to look back on. You might have photos showing fun moments like these too, but if they were taken with your phone, keep in mind that the resolution will not be good enough to make large quality prints.

Mom and daughters in professional photograph

Mother and daughters hug for family professional photograph

#3 You Can Have a Portrait of the Two of You

I always use some of the session to take separate portraits of parents or couples alone because my clients really appreciate having photos of just the two of them.

Couples pose for session in Orlando

#4 You Will Have Photographs to Frame and Display in Your Home

I’m not talking about the “school pictures” you probably have framed. I’m talking about professional quality photographs that are custom printed suitable for a gallery wall. Why not have these types of photographs hanging on your wall instead?

Family session at Mead Gardens in Orlando

Professional family session in Orlando with Nadine Nasby Photography

sisters pose for professional photographer Nadine Nasby Photography

Orlando professional photographer offers family sessions in Orlando

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