I’ve been doing high school senior photography in Orlando for many years and get a lot of questions about what one of my sessions entails. So, rather than write another blog about my latest session, I thought I’d show you with a behind the scenes video.


I will also give you a little background info and share some other images from Tessa’s session. The first location that we started at was Mead Botanical Gardens, one of my favorite places to take senior girls because there are always gorgeous flowers blooming and lots of variety of settings to shoot in.

Here are some shots that I got from that first part in her casual jeans outfit and after we found the cute garden bench shown in the video. It was a little chilly that morning, but I made sure to place Tessa in a sunlit area of the garden and she was really easy going. I love that I was able to get her vibrant and sweet personality to come through in these shots.

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Tessa will be attending FSU in the fall so we did a few shots with her college shirt. I used some flowers that coordinated with FSU’s maroon and gold colors as part of the background.

photography in orlando at Mead gardens

We then moved towards the wedding amphitheater of the gardens and I used the white wrought iron alter as a backdrop which worked really well with Tessa’s blue sundress and for the black and white finished images.

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The last location was on Park Avenue in Winter Park. I chose this spot because I was looking for a more formal and urban setting to match the gorgeous light coral and gold dress she was wearing. I envisioned her really having fun with the flared sleeves and bouncy skirt. The first shots were taken against a brick wall that I felt accentuated the colors that were in her dress.

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Park Avenue high school senior photography in orlando

Nadine Nasby high school senior photography in Orlando

I then discovered a little alcove that had a wrought iron gate which as you can see in the video, was a challenge because there was a steady stream of people walking through. I kept things flowing with a lot of laughter as I directed her and this led to that pivotal moment in the video of her kicking up her heel. From that breakthrough moment she was able to finish out the session more carefree and more like herself.

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senior photography in orlando by Nadine Nasby Photography