Although this may not be the peak time for family photography sessions, I was so happy to help out Melissa, who found me on Facebook, (a first for me!), who was needing to schedule a family photography Orlando session ASAP because her eldest son was about to leave the country for two years. There really were no initial roadblocks in scheduling until the news broke that a massive Category 5 Hurricane Dorian was heading our way. We were able to bump up the family session by a day to avoid any weather issues. I’m pretty sure that this was more of a scheduling challenge for Melissa being the mother of four than it was for me.

The session was shot at a new Seminole County favorite spot of mine, Fort Lane Park. I love it because the scenic park overlooks Lake Harney and the St. John’s River. The shoreline is also nicely unobstructed which allows for some great waterfront views!

I’ve always loved the gorgeous mature trees that are nestled throughout the park, but this time I discovered something new! While trying to gather some enthusiasm from Melissa’s youngest son who was eager to climb the largest tree by the lake, I discovered the tree itself made an awesome focal point for their family portraits. You might say it truly was a “family tree!”

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As the winds and rain started to move in, we had to work quickly. I’m super excited about these images that I was able to create despite the inclement weather.

It is not too soon to start thinking about your family photography session as the Holiday season will be here before you know it. I am available for mini or full sessions and can help make your holiday planning less stressful. Wouldn’t you love to have your family photography session done before Halloween? Or do you have a family member or friend that just got engaged or might be getting engaged over the Holidays? I am booking engagements and weddings now for 2020 and beyond now. Email me for availability here.

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