Taking guy senior pictures can be challenging because if they’re honest, most would rather not do them at all or they would like to be all done in 10 minutes. Maybe it’s because I raised two sons, but I am always ready to work with my senior guys because I enjoy getting to know them during their session and watching their personality emerge with every frame I shoot.

This exact thing happened during my recent senior session with Maddox. In his initial consultation, his mom told me that he was an avid collector of athletic shoes and that his collection took up a whole wall in his room! Knowing that I had to absolutely photograph Maddox with his collection, we added that to his session itinerary.

Taking advantage of early morning light

First, I started taking some casual early morning pictures of Maddox outdoors at Martin Luther King Park in Orlando. After a few frames, I started to see him relax and we were able to start working together to get some really nice shots. It didn’t take me too long to see that the light was highlighting his long wavy hair wonderfully and that he was very photogenic.

Casual poses for guy senior pictures in Orlando

Getting Different Angles

I like this one where we are at eye-level.

High School Senior poses at park in Orlando

…or this one where I am slightly above him.

Portrait outdoors in Orlando guy senior pictures

Using My Backgrounds

There’s a great small building that has a mural on one side that I like to use sometimes, especially for guys. I got some great close-ups of Maddox here.

Close-up of high school senior guy at MLK park in Orlando

Handsome portrait of Oviedo High School Senior

Getting His Personality to Shine Through

As I talked to Maddox, I found out he was a huge fan of FSU football and is really hoping to be admitted there next fall. His personality really started to come through when he talked about his favorite team and his infamous shoe collection, which I couldn’t wait to see.

natural pose of high school senior guy

Guys love when they can show their skills

Maddox plays LaCrosse for Oviedo High School and I got some shots of him with his stick, which was another great way to bring out his personality.

Oviedo High School LaCrosse player portrait

High School LaCrosse senior picture

And finally…the famous shoe collection!

High School senior in Orlando shows his huge shoe collection

Oviedo High School senior with athletic shoe collection

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