Session Info

Session Info


Nadine’s family sessions are fun! There is no stress trying to figure out what everyone is going to wear and be perfectly matched in color coordinating outfits. Of course, there will be some consultation about choice of clothing, but Nadine chooses to focus on your family’s personalities, rather than your clothes. It is the real life situations where your family’s beauty comes out.
Nadine artfully duplicates your family as you live it in the comfort of your home, or if you’d rather gather your family for a playful outing at one of her favorite location spots around Orlando, she will capture the best of your family there. Either way, what you will end up with are genuine and beautiful photographs that will hold meaning for generations to come.




Nadine loves photographing children of all ages on their special day. A birthday session includes Nadine photographing from start to finish your child’s birthday celebration. Too often parents are stressed out trying to do it all, only to realize at the party’s end, they are not in many of the pictures because they were the ones holding the camera. Hiring Nadine to document the day will not only provide you with real moments and expressions from your child, family members and guests, but you will be included in the pictures too!




Senior pictures lend themselves to Nadine’s photojournalism style. At your student’s senior portrait sessions, she will be sure to not only get wonderful portraits of your senior, but will go beyond that. She will photograph them in real settings either at school, your home or other appropriate locations that reveal what they are all about. We’ve all been there and done that with the studio shots, but reality is always better.




Holiday sessions are one of Nadine’s favorite sessions to do. It is this time of year when families come to visit and reunions happen. Nadine will come to your home to photograph as many people as you want. It is always easier to photograph little ones that have been traveling and out of their routine at another family member’s home where they can relax. Nadine will also make all proofs available for out of town relatives on her website after your family session.
For families interested in having a holiday session for their Holiday cards, Nadine can add custom Holiday cards to your package or you may purchase high res images for your own designs. Holiday sessions are done in your home or on location at your choice of Orlando Fl. scenic spots.